Diamond Facts & Care


"There's no such thing as a used diamond."

It is not illegal or unethical to sell a diamond that has been sold many times before in a retail jewelry or any other type of jewelry. In fact, many diamonds have had as many lives over time and in as many ways as Shirley MacLaine has. What is now a brilliant-cut diamond of half a carat in a 14-carat yellow gold solitaire may have begun as a two-carat tiara ornament for the princess of who knows what, several centuries ago. Resell, re-cut; traced, perhaps even redistributed as several different diamonds now, the diamond is still the diamond. Diamonds are forever. A diamond can undergo many transitions in its existence "forever". A simple configuration change can be all that is needed to sell a quality diamond with a good profit. The adjustments that your grandmother appreciated may find some fans today. A custom jewelry designer may be looking for a teardrop shaped stone that is now in an older ring. After he arranges the purchase at a wholesale price, he makes it the centerpiece of an emerald and diamond necklace. He sells it to a jeweler with a good profit margin. The jeweler marks the piece in a meaningful way and sells this "new" custom item. The process is repeated one way or another a thousand times a day, millions of times a year, year after year. Diamonds are forever. Buying a diamond in a jewelry store is buying a new diamond. Are you sure? No one can tell you how old a diamond actually is, how many times it was sold, who had it first, what kind of configuration was the last, or if it feels lonely in a solitaire ring. Diamonds have been recycled much earlier than newspapers, plastic and aluminum cans. Diamonds are forever.

Frequently, pawn shop customers include customers looking for jewelry items that can be re-established or resold. Because the prices are low in pawnshops, many people make a living with such activities. Many pawn shop owners resist or limit these sales to improve the quality of the inventory available to their regular customers. Increasingly, people are learning that they have the best chance to find and buy that big diamond at the price of the great pawnshop. They have learned that there is no such thing as a used diamond and that "diamonds are forever."


Diamonds are eternal if they are treated and cared for like the precious gems they really are. Because diamonds are known for their hardness, people are often made to believe that they are virtually indestructible. This is far from the truth. A strong hit delivered right in the right place could split a diamond into an inclusion or fail. It is not a good idea to throw them in a bag or any storage place that allows your diamond jewelry to hit other pieces. If there is no damage to the diamond pieces themselves, certainly other softer gems could be damaged by persistent contact with their harder cousins. Ideally, each item, such as a ring, should be stored in a slot or padded section. Do not use your "good things" when cleaning or participating in sports activities. The gold or platinum mounts that show their best diamonds are soft. An obstacle in some material could catapult your diamond like a rock in a medieval fortress. Try to find a loose two-carat stone on a beach volleyball court. It is likely to destroy the house you just cleaned if you discover that a diamond is missing in your favorite ring.

Keep your jewelry clean. It does not do much good to have the most beautiful diamonds in the world if they are going to be denied light, they were designed to be refracted with a soap film, an accumulation of lotion and a variety of other wastes. You can buy small jars of cleaner specially designed for jewelry. It often comes with a small brush and a small tray to drain the jewelry. You can use a dishwashing liquid or ammonia as a substitute. An old toothbrush is also a good idea, to get between the tips and in the small cracks. Here, it is not necessary to floss. Clean the diamond jewelry in a container or container that will catch any loose stones that fall during cleaning. You may be surprised at the amount of diamonds that are held in place by the accumulation of waste. An ultrasonic cleaner works well for hard stones like diamonds. Money Mart Pawn & Jewelry is pleased to provide you with cleaning services. For more information about our cleaning services, visit our Jewelry page.

After each cleaning, check for loose stones and again each time you prepare to use your jewelry and once again before storing them. Tap the diamond gently to see if it wobbles in its configuration. If it does, place it in a small zippered bag and take it to a jeweler to reassemble it. Remember to check your jewelry for loose stones and regular cleaning can make it true that "diamonds are forever."